Why choose Lloyd Recruitment Services? -Candidate Q&A

At Lloyd Recruitment Services we strive to deliver a personal and dedicated service for candidates in order to help you secure your next career opportunity.

From the initial phone call with a candidate to find out their search requirements, right the way through to wishing them ‘Good luck’ on their first day, our dedicated team of consultants will be there to support you every step of the way!

 So what makes Lloyd Recruitment Services that little bit different from other agencies?

 We spoke to Karla Harris, a candidate we recently placed in her new role, and she shared her thoughts and experience of the recruitment process with Lloyd Recruitment Services.

Read our Q&A below with Karla to see why we were her agency of choice!

How did you find the recruitment process?

 Personable, informative, exciting and as stress-free as possible when applying for a new job!

Describe the process / experience from start to finish

 I received a phone call from Lloyd Recruitment Services, who had found my CV online. They had a specific role in mind that they thought I would be a good fit for.

 Lloyd Recruitment Services took the time to thoroughly understand my professional background, to understand what I was looking for in a new role and explain the vacancy they had in mind.

 They then followed up after our call via email to provide more information regarding the role, including the full job description. They made it clear they were available if I had any further questions.

 The next step in the recruitment/interview process was to fill in a Registration Form and upload a photo of my passport and driving licence to Lloyd Recruitment Services’ Portal via a link and personalised login. Everything was explained to me clearly; with full transparency which made me feel secure in providing Lloyd Recruitment Services with my personal details. The portal itself was also very easy to navigate.

Lloyd Recruitment Services stayed in touch via email and phone calls with regards to any updates from the company I was applying for a role with. I was delighted to receive a phone call from Lloyd Recruitment Services telling me that I had been selected for an interview.

 They then followed up via email with all of the information I needed, including a link to the Zoom meeting and some documents detailing invaluable interview preparation advice. They made themselves available for a mock interview to help me prepare answers to some of the interview questions I might be asked.

 The morning after my interview, I received a phone call from Lloyd Recruitment Services who firstly, asked me how I thought my interview went and if it was a role I could see myself undertaking. They then informed me I had been offered and asked me if I wanted to take it, which I absolutely did! 

 Lloyd Recruitment Services continued to liaise with me up until I was contacted by my new company’s HR team to accept my contract, provide me with a start date and help me prepare for my first day. They stayed in touch to check in on me on my first day and wish me luck and they still continue to check in with me five months into the role they helped give me the confidence to go for!

 How would you say we are different from other agencies you have dealt with? & If you were to recommend us, what would you tell people?

Lloyd Recruitment Services are warm, relaxed and friendly without compromising on their professionalism. Other agencies I have dealt with have been pushy, cold and demanding, and lacked the personal touch and understanding that is vital in instilling confidence in a candidate. Lloyd Recruitment Services take the time to get to know you and really go that extra mile to give you the very best chance to secure a role that is right for you. Throughout the recruitment process, they always encouraged me to believe that I could succeed.

 What attracted you to the role you applied for? 

 While I have many of the skills the job description required, I was initially apprehensive about the essential skills mentioned, that I felt I lacked; more specifically, I had no practical knowledge of some of the essential software the company uses. I told Lloyd Recruitment Services about my concerns prior to applying for the role. In fact, if I had discovered this role by myself and not via Lloyd Recruitment Services with all the support they offer, I probably would have been too intimidated to apply!

 However, they told me they would let the company know that I didn’t have all the essential skills listed and not to worry. They reassured me that it would be likely that - if I was picked for the role – that the company I was going to work for would provide all necessary training.

 With that in mind, the idea of bringing my previous experience and the skills that made me a great fit for the new role combined with being given the opportunity to broaden my skill set to learn what I didn’t yet know, was attractive to me. And by the way, Lloyd Recruitment Services were right! My company have provided me with the software training and support I needed to properly fulfil my new role


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